2017-2018 Morrison-McGinnis Orientation Team

2017-2018 AARO LEADER
Kayley Hernandez

Orientation Leaders serve as guides throughout the entire Academic Advising Registration and Orientation (AARO) session—welcoming new students and families answering questions, and participating in the evening activities during each session. 

During AARO, Orientation Leaders lead small groups of incoming students. Each Orientation Leader will represent a Residential Commons, answer questions, and give students and families a look into life at SMU. 

During Mustang Corral the Orientation Leaders continue to serve as resources for incoming students throughout the five days of Mustang Corral. Students will be in small groups lead by Mustang Corral Guides

2017-2018 Mustang Corral Guides 

According to the Mustang Corral website, "Mustang Corral Guides participate in all aspect of the Mustang Corral. From move-in to convocation, the Mustang Corral Guides lead incoming students through the experience. Mustang Corral Guides facilitate small groups, or what we call Round Up Groups, of about 15 students. The Mustang Corral Guides work closely with the staff of the Student Transitions & Orientation Office, the Orientation Leaders, and Faculty/Staff Support Team while teaching SMU Spirit to the incoming class."

Patricia larsen

matthew flinchbaugh

dalton gibson

brenan alley

eleanor feinman

cAmeron mcconnell

avanika sharma

matthew brink

joshua sylvester

Noelle gushard

kristopher gerry

lisa-marie burckhardt