MoMac at the Movies

Twice a year, once on Labor Day and again on MLK Jr. Day, the MoMac FiR hosts a movie screening at the Angelika Movie Theatre for residents and the larger SMU community. Mark selects a current movie to screen and invites faculty members with expertise in the topics that are addressed in the movie to attend the event. Following the screening, the faculty members lead small group discussions and answer questions from event attendees. The upcoming Labor Day movie title will be released right after the first day of classes.  

Previous movies

  • Spring 2019 - Blackkklansman

  • Fall 2018 - Black Panther

  • Spring 2018 - Detroit

  • Fall 2017 - GET OUT

  • Spring 2017 - loving

  • fall 2016 - Imitation Game

  • Spring 2016 - Straight outta comptom

  • Fall 2015 - interstellar

  • spring 2015 - selma