MoMac Basics


Torch- The torch stands for the light of character and integrity. MM Students value personal responsibly, and the development of character through community interactions and service to others.

Quill- The quill represents enlightenment through education. This theme is central to our community and our time at SMU. MM students are committed to academic excellence and the pursuit of knowledge and are supported by the community through programming and mentorship from peers.

Ivy Leaves- The Ivy leaves represent the strong and lasting friendship MM students have with each other and the SMU Community.

Intertwined MMs- Our community hopes that through our values, traditions, and programming, we will be bound together and find connections that are complex, intertwined, and lasting.

5 Pillars– Morrison-McGinnis residents will find strength and security in our community as represented by the pillars at the top of our crest. The 5 pillars represent the 5 founding members of Morrison-McGinnis Commons.


"Individually Unique, Together Complete."


Community, Acceptance, Character


Navy- MM students are strong leaders with respect for power, integrity, and character. These values are reflected in the navy we wear, showing our dedication to our values.

White- White represents for MM students commitment to our values and community as well as sincerity and excellence in all we do.

Diversity Statement

Morrison-McGinnis Commons strives to be a supportive COMMUNITY of individuals living and learning together. Through genuine interactions and personal connections, our hope is that everyone who lives in MoMac feels as though they belong.

We value that each community member is unique. All identities, qualities, and values each individual brings with them to MoMac are a part of who we are. Though the differences are many, the ACCEPTANCE of each individual provides an opportunity for us to learn from each other through the sharing of our experiences, respectful discourse, and the development of an environment of understanding.

MoMac’s commitment to acceptance mirrors our commitment to CHARACTER. MoMac expects that all of our residents will embody the values of respect and responsibility, and that each will continually contribute positively to our community.

MoMac Spirit Check