Faculty in Residence

The Faculty in Residence (FiR) program at SMU aims to encourage learning within the residential environment, provides an opportunity for residents to get to know faculty members on a personal level, and seeks to develop mentorship relationships. The FiR is said to be the intellectual leader of their Commons and works closely with the Residential Community Director (RCD) and Resident Assistant (RA) team to great a dynamic living experience for all residents. 

Dr. Mark Kerins - mkerins@smu.edu

Role: Faculty-in-Residence (this means my family and I actually live in MoMac)

Department:  Film & Media Arts (I teach all sorts of film/video production courses, but specialize in editing and sound design)

Family:  wife Jessica (biology professor, Eastfield College), son Ben (age 7.5), daughter Rory (age 7.5)

Fun Fact: at one point in grad school I watched at least one movie every day for a year straight

What I Do:  My full bio is on my faculty page, but in a nutshell: I make movies, I research and write about movies, and I teach students how to make movies.

What I Like:  movies, running, books, movies, Green Bay Packers, surround sound, and movies

Excited About:  uh, EVERYTHING MoMac!  But I particularly like getting to know students outside the classroom.

Favorite MoMac Traditions:  Brick painting (you’ll find out what this is!), our monthly unofficial dinners, and movie nights

Twitter:  Follow @filmprofmark

Questions, comments, concerns? Email me!

And I’m always happy to chat with students about whatever – come find me, or just say hi when you come across me in MoMac. During the week I’m probably in one of my offices (MoMac room 142 or Umphrey Lee room 230); evenings and weekends if I’m around you can probably find me in my apartment (room 120) or wandering the halls with Ben and Rory (often distributing food!).