What is Morrison-McGinnis Commons?

Morrison-McGinnis Commons is one of eleven Residential Commons at SMU. At SMU, we are transforming the residential life model for students through our Residential Commons program, which integrates the academic, residential and social experience. Living in one of the 11 on-campus Residential Commons during your time at SMU, you'll find it's easier to make friends and transition smoothly to university life in a supportive environment.

The Morrison-McGinnis motto, “Individually Unique, Together Complete,” serves as the guide for the residential community. MoMac is rooted in accepting and celebrating the varying qualities, characteristics, and experiences that makes each resident who they are. The motto indicates that MoMac will be profoundly different with the absence of even one community member. 

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Each Commons at SMU is a microcosm of the University. MoMac is no different. We have residents from all across the globe, majors from each academic discipline, and individuals with interests spanning the sciences to the arts and everything in between, all living in one place. 

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 MoMac has weekly events and initiatives that provide an opportunity for residents to socialize, learn, and eat with one another. Whether it is our Sunday Night Snacks in our FiR apartment or a trip to see the Dallas Mavericks, there is always something to do in MoMac.